SNN Clermont (Hebbal)


3Bhk – 2526 sqft: ₹2.57 Cr

4 Bhk – 3124 sqft: ₹3.16 Cr

5 Bhk – 4865 sqft: ₹5.10 Cr


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More about SNN Clermont

SNN Clermont denotes a majestic lifestyle, standing bold and high against the Hebbal, Bangalore. The apartments come up with Vaastu, have an aesthetic design and exude the beauty and grace of the purebred Mustangs. As always, SNN presents another innovative project based on themes that really encapsulates the distinctive spirit and demanding tastes of buyers who are committed to the world of art and action as an extension of their personal expression. By assuming the Equinox Water’s Edge project, we wanted to guarantee a larger-than-life luxury project for all of your stakeholders. When we begin to reposition the project, we first begin to baptize it again. SNN Clermont is the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle and the only luxury apartment in Hebbal, North Bangalore, with five towers of 40 floors each. The greatness and enormity of the project inspired its theme. The GREAT IDEA of the project was derived from the unmatched beauty of the MUSTANGS. The Mustangs are among the best horses. This exquisite equestrian race is a symbol of luxury, wealth, refinement and, above all, power! Ingredients that make SNN Clermont the most precious property in Bangalore.

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